Written on the thin line between reality and fantasy. Enjoy fascinating 'Young Adult' stories (also exciting for adults...).


Who says Mermaids do not exist?

AQUIFER is a unique combination of Funny Chicklit and thrilling Young Adult mixed with Science Fiction and a little bit of Fantasy. Full of hilarious situations; unexpected twists and exciting events. Stories created and written in cooperation with Jeske Meinema. That's right: Daughter and Father... Young and Adult!
(Check out the Dutch version at Jeske's website! / Bekijk de nederlandstalige versie op Jeske's website!)

Available in the AQUIFER series:
AQUIFER 0 - Onset
AQUIFER 1 - Two Worlds
AQUIFER 2 - Crossing Lines
Coming soon: (scheduled Autumn 2018):
AQUIFER 3 - Venomous Virus