AQUIFER (3) Venomous Virus

The Aquiferians are saved; the traitor is unmasked. Pinky Blextone finally thinks of starting her well-deserved holiday when it turns out that the problems are far from being resolved. An unknown virus ensures that no one can leave Bleeker's Island. The tension rises high when some colleagues show increasingly strange behavior. Where does the unknown virus suddenly come from? How contagious is it?
AQUIFER (3) Venomous Virus  Scheduled for publication Autum, 2019.

AQUIFER 2 Crossing Lines

Who said mermaids exist? A lovely weekend trip, visiting shopping malls in the world's largest cities, is rudely interrupted even before Pinky can spend all her money on shopping. Someone leaked information on the existence of the Aquiferians; endangering the life of the ocean people.
AQUIFER (2) Crossing Lines  Available as paperback and eBook.

AQUIFER 1 Two Worlds

The dark, deep ocean is not the place to expect a Shopping Queen. Obviously Pinkett Blextone didn't volunteer to be here. Far away from civilisation the small, punchy Science Chick Pinky is the center of intrigues, romances and... danger. Who are those mysterious creatures living in the deep? Why is de navy involved? And, even more important, who is dating who?
AQUIFER (1) Two Worlds  Available as paperback and eBook.


A mysterious diary confuses marine biologist Jerry Allen. The meeting with strange sea creatures which Priscilla Blextone describes in her ancient diary, looks lifelike. Her drawings and description agree with beings that are also known as mermaids. As a scientist Jerry Allen knows that's not possible. Mermaids do not exist. Or…? 
AQUIFER (0) Onset  Available as as FREE eBook only!